Nortex Company acquired Lanxess plant


Nortex, the largest distributor of chemical raw materials in Russia and the CIS countries, announces the successful completion of the acquisition of Russian Lanxess plant, which produces additives for tire and rubber industries.

German company Lanxess chemical plant in Lipets came under control of Nortex LLC. Now the company has been renamed into LLC Nortex-Lipetsk. In addition, Nortex bought the assets of the management company LLC Lanxess, as a result of the transaction, it was renamed LLC NL-International. This company will continue to distribute chemical raw materials.

Nortex-Lipetsk chemical plant is located on the territory of Lipetsk Special Economic Zone. It started its activity in 2013 and today is a full-fledged industrial enterprise with a modern production line and its own laboratory. The capacity of plant is 1500 tons of end products.

At the production facilities of the plant, Nortex will continue to produce high-tech polymer-bound additives for tires and rubber products under the brand name Nortgran. These additives have high chemical efficiency, stability and rapid dispersion into compounds. The use of Nortgran additives in the production of end products reduces the cost of recycling and minimizes the amount of defects. In addition, their advantage is the manufactured form in the form of granules, which provides easy weighing and dosing, which allows automating the technological process. And thanks to the polymer shell, the product does not form chemical dust and is non-toxic, providing an optimal ecological and safe environment in production.

This transaction will contribute to further production growth and sales of plant's products both on territory of the Russian Federation and in export markets. The acquisition of Lanxess plant is a major step in the development and expansion of not only Nortex itself, it also contributes to stabilization and development of domestic market of tires and rubber products due to the import substitution of raw materials. In addition, the deal has a socio-economic effect, preserving a functioning business and jobs in the region.

The main plant’s slogan is "technology and quality", which will continue to be implemented smoothly under the auspices of our company, because Nortex unites the best!